Special payment bonus – casino Bonus, loyalty bonus, welcome bonus

Technology has had a deep impact on the entertainment industry. The casino segment is no exception to it either. In fact, technology has dramatically transformed the way casinos do business today in the modern era. Earlier, casinos were typically land based. Now however with the advent of the internet and the latest web software, that has all changed. There are therefore numerous casinos that are web based. These casinos do brisk business through the online channel competing equally well (if not better) than their offline cousins. As the world moves forward, it is also expected that the online gaming industry will overtake its offline counterparts in driving the growth of the casino industry. This is captured in a PWC report titled “Playing to Win – The Outlook for the Global Casino and Online Gaming Market to 2014″ (Source: PWC).

There are several reasons why casinos are quite popular in the entertainment and gaming industry irrespective of whether they are land based casinos or online casinos. Each has got its own unique set of advantages. For instance, land based casinos score over online casinos in the area of tangible leisure facilities provided to their customers. Obviously, online casinos can not really provide luxury rooms or select company when customers are playing and gambling. On the other hand, online casinos are able to offer better and more attractive schemes that translate into excellent benefits for customers. As an example, they provide no deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses, signup bonuses, etc. These are in several cases more attractive than those offered by land based casinos.

Casinos also offer special payment bonus. Typically, these bonuses are given to customers when they choose the casino’s preferred channel of payment. In present times, customers can fund their accounts and make payments to casinos for their gambling required in a variety of ways thanks to technology again. However, casinos also have their own select channels of payment. They usually encourage customers to choose their preferred channels of payment. Obviously, customers may be reluctant to move over to a casino’s preferred channel unless the casinos offer them some kind of incentive that neutralizes their reluctance. This is exactly what special payment bonuses do. They offer customers and clients a bonus to have them use their select channels of payment.

This way, casinos retain the maximum number of payment options that they provide to customers while at the same time encouraging them to use their select method of payment. The reason casinos drive their own payment channel methods is that they are far cheaper than other options. For example, credit card payment method traditionally involves more costs for casinos. So, they prefer to use cheaper methods like wire transfer. The special payment bonus is usually more than 10% of the first deposit. It can even go up to 100% or more of the first deposit in some cases. The other reason for using selected casino channels of payment is that they may be more secure than other channels and therefore, casinos may be promoting that. Additionally, it may also be more suitable and convenient than other payment channels.

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