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Gambling is not new to anyone in the world. It is an activity that has survived over millenniums albeit in different forms. In its oldest form, gambling was primarily based on goods or services which possessed material value. In its recent transformations, it is now applied with “money”.

Simply put, gambling equates to a wager that involves either money or something of material value. These are usually referred to as “stakes” and are based on an event that is not certain in its nature. The idea or intent is to win additional material goods or money through the uncertain outcome which typically becomes evident within a short period of time. Historically, these were often referred to as luck games. Ancient records clearly evidence the fact that monarchs and rich landlords pit their wealth on gambling with one or the other losing out their riches just for the thrill of gambling. One of the most popular forms of gambling in those days was the roll of dice. In latter times, the game of cards took precedence and is observed even today in gambling.

Of course, gambling could either be permitted by law or that which is prohibited by law. The former is usually practiced in permitted establishments as long as they adhere to rules and regulations set for them by the law. This is not to say that illegal gambling doesn’t take place. In fact, it thrives in places that are usually not transparent to law. However, if they are detected, fines and punishments automatically follow once. For regulating permitted gambling, various countries have setup organizations that provide oversight adherence to law. For example, in the United Kingdom, the Gambling Commission regulates all manner of gambling. Similarly, in the United States of America, this objective is achieved through gaming control boards such as the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

In the past, gambling was always through offline means. However, as technology transformed the world, more and more online means of gambling have sprung up. Today, gambling is practiced through websites that are anchored on the World Wide Web apart from traditional offline channels. Gambling has also become one of the most commercial and internationally spread-out activity. For instance, in 2009, the value of the legal gambling market alone was approximately #335 billion.

One of the most commonly recognizable form of gambling is through casinos. This is more of a modern day invention and Las Vegas has become popular for its variety of casinos and forms of gambling for visitors from all parts of the world. Some of the most popular gambling games in these casinos are playing cards, poker, roulette, black jack, craps, slots machines and baccarat with each having their unique history. Legalized gambling was primarily responsible for the rise of casinos. The first casino in the world Internet Casinos Inc., opened on 18th Aug., 1995 with a selection 18 games. Today, with the vast spread of the internet, there are thousands of websites that cater to a gambling audience all across the world. A sizeable chunk of the gamblers notably are from Asia.

Asian casino reviews features more interesting information on the evolution of gambling over the millenniums and the way it has transformed in the present day scenario.

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