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Casino is a very familiar world in both online and offline world. People have been playing in the casinos from a long time now. The origin of this entertaining game is unknown. Casinos are usually built near hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and other tourist attractions to attract more customers towards them, but often both local residents and tourists enjoy playing and trying their luck in this game of money.


The game is known to be first practiced in 2300 BC as per the Chinese records, but it is otherwise believed that one or the other form of gambling is seen in every society. From Greeks to Romans to Elizabethan England to napoleon’s France, the traces of game can be seen everywhere.

The first European gambling house was not called a casino but Ridotto was established in Venice, in 1638 to offer controlled gambling during the carnival time. In earlier American history, casinos were known as saloons. The significance of the saloons was highly influenced by 4 main cities; New Orleans, Chicago, St. Louis and San Francisco. These saloons were used by people to mostly drink, socialize and gamble for fun. But today the mere definition of casino has changed. People no longer play to socialize but mainly for money. Las Vegas is the most popular place for casinos in the world. People from all around the world come to play here. There are many casinos where you can bet your money and try your luck. Hundreds of people get rich whereas others come out completely broke in these casinos.

Gambling in most of the jurisdictions is restricted to a particular age, in some countries people above 16 can play in casinos whereas in other countries the age limit is extended till 21 years. There are so many games that one can play online like Russian roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, video poker, slots, etc.

Online Casinos

Today casino is no longer restricted to 4 walls; it has widened its horizons and is now played on World Wide Web. Now there is no particular time or season for playing casino. It can be played online anytime and anywhere. Now you can play right from the comfort of your home. Today there are several online sites that let you play online. The online casinos are made very similar to offline ones so that the player gets the complete feel. At one time, there are thousands of players playing. The website is divided into room’s game wise. A player can enter into a room of his choice and start playing. Online casinos attract players by giving them a lot of choices and bonuses. Most of the online casinos give start up bonus that allows a player to play and bet without investing initially. You can win a good deal of money if you know the tricks and techniques. These online casinos also allow players to interact and share tips with each other. The more you play the better skills you acquire and you increase the chances of winning.

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