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Also known by the name of Twenty-one, Blackjack is one of the most widely played casino banking game in the world. It is basically a comparing card game, which is played with one or more French decks of 52 cards. While playing the game, the player needs to draw cards to an initial two card hand. His basic aim is to bring the total hand value as close as possible to 21; not even more than that, so that when the house playing after the player, stops short of the player’s total, he will lose by exceeding 21. For playing blackjack, there exist a number of rule variations and strategies. It’s been long, that blackjack is played by high profile target of advantage players, particularly card counters. These form a category of players who tends to track the profile of cards before they are dealt. And they adapt their wager and playing strategy accordingly. For becoming a master in this game, it is important for every player to learn and understand the basic blackjack strategy.

Based on the mathematics of the game, the basic Blackjack strategy has been tested and refined through computer simulations. The minimum house edge for blackjack is generally around one-half of a percent and it is only possible to get, if the game is played following correct rules and regulations. Depending upon certain rule variations, minor adjustments are required to be made to basic strategy and different casinos can chose among these to use. For example there are some casinos that will allow you to double down after splitting (DOS) and there are some that do not allow it. Also, for single and multiple deck games, there are few changes required to be made to the basic strategy of Blackjack.

There are many players who prefer initiating the game by learning and by referring to the basic strategy chart. With the help of this strategy chart, a player comes to know, how to play the game, with your first two cards based on the dealers up card. The house gains its edge by the fact that the player must act first. But the basic strategy chart only deals with the first two cards; what next has to be done after taking a hit is still left to be learnt. The best way to understand the game is to translate the basic strategy chart into plain English that explains how to play a hand with three or more cards. For example, if your first two cards are a 3 and a 5, then your total comes out to be eight, which according to the blackjack strategy chart means to hit. If you draw another 3, then you get a total of eleven, which means to double. But you can double your cards only on your first two cards. Therefore it’s important for you to hit.

When the blackjack strategy chart is translated into plain English, it is the word “otherwise” that is often used while dealing with different situations; reason behind is the existence of multiple cards. So in short, the blackjack strategy works upon rule: if you have 11, then double it, otherwise hit.

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