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Casinos are one of the most popular places where gambling and games of chance take place. These casinos are a modern day invention and take full advantage of technology. As a result, the casinos of today are available with a wide variety of games that cater to people from all parts of the world. Owing to the thrill and excitement that derive from casinos, gambling has become a huge commercial success internationally. A sizeable chunk of the gambling and gaming audience comes from Asia where there is a huge interest in casinos and gaming. As a result, it is no surprise that Asia has become a thriving hub for casinos. In the present day scenario, there are scores of Asian casinos that are playing centre stage to offline and gambling and gaming to the world audience.

The Islands of the Caribbean are a perfect example of popular Asian casinos. The Antilles Island set the trend way back in 1994 by catalyzing the online gambling industry. This paved the way for several other islands and countries passing legislation legalizing and licensing online gambling activities. Antigua was one such island which voted in favor of a bill to regulate licenses for internet gambling. Today’s casinos are not just rooted in the physical domain; rather they are virtual as well with a host of online gaming and gambling activities through websites on the World Wide Web. The technology of today has also been a great transformer in the way Asian casinos have evolved in offline and online channels.

Traditionally and historically as well, Asia has always been a hub of gambling. There have been epic stories of how emperors and rich landlords staked their wealth to gambling in games of dice. It is a well known and accepted fact that Asians have always loved recreational and entertainment activities. India and China are good examples. India is credited with the game of dice whereas Chinese are believed to be the originators of the game of cards. These historical origins and culture have also played a great part in the way gambling has evolved in Asia in both ancient and modern forms. Asian casinos are a reflection of the modern day gambling. As per current trends, any Asian casino is usually equipped with a wide variety of popular gambling games. They have also forayed into the internet gambling market which is typically growing by leaps and bounds. Their staff are also well experienced and possess the necessary skills and expertise to work well in all kinds of casino games.

It is after the year 2000 that Asian casinos really took off in terms of success as until then there was lot of activity in terms of regulation and streamlining of the heavily commercial gambling industry. Interesting, some Asian casinos offer some very ancient games such as Mahjong. This game is believed to be a Chinese game at least 4000 years old.

Asian casino reviews features several other interesting information on different types of Asian casinos and the exciting games that they offer through both online and offline channels.

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